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DBTG : PITA @ the Merch Booth

DBTG : PITA @ the Merch Booth

Hey ! After a long long while, here is another one.

The merch guy is really the connection between the artist and the audience. A living and breathing artist rep that you can directly contact, talk to, and obviously purchase a great piece of merch/ memorabilia and conclude a great gig experience this way.  It's really important though to follow a certain etiquette, in order for everyone else to have the same enjoyable experience with you.  As I am a person that enjoys moaning and being a grump, here are some things you SHOULDN'T do.

1. Don't leave your drinks and/or food on the merch table.

They can easily be knocked over by you or anyone else, and make everything wet and messy or even wasted and unsellable. Firstly it's disrespectful for the merch guy who if he is a pro, is there for you to be happy in the first place. Secondly you might spoil the fun of another fan that would have probably bought something that you ruined.
Lastly, it's a huge pity (and a financial loss) when merch gets ruined this way.
Except, if you really want a full box of T-shirts of various sizes, paid in full, then be my guest, throw that beer in that box!

2. Don't go behind the Table/Barrier

No,don't go behind the table/barrier and start touching stuff, messing with stacked or strategically placed items etc. It's EXACTLY the same like going behind the counter at any brick and mortar shop that you shop from in your everyday life.
Don't do it.  :)

3. Don't pay with dirty money

Money is money, but we would be really glad if you didn't pay us with cash that comes out of your sock, sweaty bra, underwear etc. GROSS.

4. Don't camp in front of the table.

Buy that shirt or move along! Don't block the view of someone that wants to get something.

5. Don't show up during the entry rush or exit rush with a picture on your phone asking for something that you saw on the internet 2000 years ago.

I think that this one is self-explanatory.  If you don't want to learn new greek words, don't be this person. And lastly

6. No you cannot try on that T-Shirt after you got yours soaking wet with sweat, in the Moshpit.