Tour Management

Looking for a Tour Manager?

I have been a Tour Manager in the music industry since 2019. I have toured extensively with Sprinter Vans and Nightliners throughout Europe with Thundermother and recently with Suicidal Angels. To date, I have more than 400+ live shows under my belt. I can manage the day-to-day needs of the band effectively and thrive under pressure. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in having me manage your next tour.

Merchandise Management

Want to increase your merchandise sales revenue?

Get a Merchandise Manager.

I have been working as a Merchandise Manager at live events since 2016.
Some bands I have worked for in this position are Agnostic Front, Thundermother, Backfire!, Nervosa, Burning Witches, Aesthetic Perfection and more.

Being a Merchandise Manager is a challenging job that requires a high level of organisation and attention to detail. The ability to multitask and problem-solve on the fly is essential.

Inventories must be kept up-to-date, sales booths must be set up at each venue, and any issues that might arise with the merchandise must be addressed and solved quickly and efficiently. Good people skills are essential, as the Merchandise Manager will be dealing with vendors, customers, and tour staff on a daily basis.
If you want me to join your team, please get in touch with me in order to discuss tour dates and availability.