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Tour Essentials ;))))))))

Tour Essentials ;))))))))

Howdy there! I've put together a quick list of must-haves for anyone looking to rock the road dog experience. Let's dive into it:

Gaffer Tape: Gaffer tape, sometimes called "gaff tape," is like the superhero of the live events and touring world. It's tough, versatile, and sticks to just about anything without leaving a trace. Use it to secure cables, tape down setlists, mark stage spots, or even make those lightning-fast equipment fixes. Its matte finish keeps it incognito on stage, too!

Sharpie Markers: Sharpie markers, especially in all those funky colors, are your backstage besties. Label gear, cases, and cables to keep everything in its place. They're also perfect for scribbling autographs, jotting down setlist changes, or giving your gear that personal touch. With their speedy drying and sturdy ink, Sharpies are the MVPs of the fast-paced touring life. Plus, different colors make for nifty organization hacks!

Personal First Aid Kit: Your personal first aid kit is your trusty sidekick on tour. Pack it with adhesive bandages, pain relievers, tweezers, and whatever meds keep you on your A-game. In the whirlwind of touring, little bumps and bruises happen, and a well-stocked first aid kit ensures you can tackle them head-on.

Foot Spray: Tour life means loads of hours on your feet, often in steamy conditions. Enter foot spray, your savior in the fight against foot funk. Imagine a bus full of road dogs; keep those feet and shoes fresh! Look for a top-notch foot spray with antimicrobial mojo to keep you comfortable during those never-ending days and nights on the road. You'll find 'em at big chains like DM or Rossmann and similar places across Central Europe and beyond.

Portable Sports Towel: A portable sports towel is a small but mighty addition to your roadie arsenal. It's lightweight, dries in a flash, and is perfect for staying clean and fresh on the fly. Always have a backup for those times when a random, budget-conscious (cheap f@ck) promoter forgets to provide regular towels. Stay squeaky clean, my friend!

Wet Wipes: Wet wipes are the unsung heroes of touring. They're your secret weapon for staying fresh and clean on the road. And, as my buddy Vinnie Stigma says, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Opt for biodegradable wipes to keep your environmental conscience clear.

Flashlight: A trusty flashlight is your guiding light through the dimly lit labyrinth of tour life. Whether you're navigating backstage mazes, tour buses, or equipment storage areas, a quality LED flashlight or headlamp with adjustable brightness settings is your best friend.

Multi-Tool: A multi-tool is like your Swiss Army knife of problem-solving on tour. It's compact and ready to tackle anything, from snipping cables to opening boxes and tightening screws. With one in your pocket, you're ready to handle whatever curveballs the road throws your way.

Ear Protection: In the music industry, your ears are gold. High-quality ear protection, like custom-molded musician's earplugs, ensures your hearing stays pristine, even in the face of deafening sound. Consider earplugs with interchangeable filters for different sound environments, so you can keep the music clear and your hearing protected.

With these road-tested essentials, you're all set to rock the road dog life with style and practicality. Stay safe, stay organized, and keep the music alive! 🤘