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What kind of merchandise sells best for musicians?

What kind of merchandise sells best for musicians?

You finally did it. You went out there and chasing your dreams, living the Tour Life.. But what else can you do in order to make some money? It turns out a lot of things! In this blog post, we'll go over some of the best-selling merchandise for musicians.


Selling t-shirts can be an incredibly profitable venture. Music fans, in particular, love buying shirts with their favourite bands on them, as it allows them to show off their fandom while looking great. And because they're relatively easy and cheap to make, you can turn a profit quickly. Plus, there's a lot of room for creativity when it comes to designs. You can let your creative side run wild and put together graphics that not only look amazing but will be a hit amongst your target customer base. Whether you opt for bold and edgy designs or soft and subtle prints, making t-shirts is a surefire way to attract new fans and boost sales. And these days, eco-friendly material is increasingly popular for producing t-shirts. That way, you can define your brand as responsible and sustainable, which conveys another message about your values: protecting our planet.


Hoodies are always popular with music fans. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they also provide an opportunity to spread the word about your music simply by wearing them. Whether you're playing shows or heading out in public, your hoodie can be a conversation starter with new potential fans and a statement of pride to existing ones. With an exclusive design and combination of colours, you can sell plenty of them to make more out of every show and tour. So why not jump on board this powerful trend? There's no doubt that many of your fans would love to show their support by honouring you with stylish apparel.

Hats & Beanies

Starting selling hats and beanies with your logo is a great idea for any band out there. Not only do these items make great gifts for fans who love your music, but they're also great for showing off your style and increasing brand recognition. Plus, since people typically keep their hats and beanies longer than other clothing items, you can be sure that your fans will be wearing them proudly for years to come. Whether you go for something simple like an adjustable snapback hat or more complex like a wool beanie with earflaps, offering hats and beanies as merchandise gives your audience something tangible that they can connect with besides just hearing your music. If you haven't already done so, consider introducing hats and beanies as part of your merch line now.


All kinds of stuff like patches, buttons, sets of  quality stickers and stuff that are easy to keep track of, as they are mostly one-size. Accessories help ensure that nobody leaves your booth without getting something.  Bonus : Make A LOT of cheap stickers to give away for free.

Kids Clothing

Any time you look for ways to expand your fanbase, it's worth considering the whole family. After all, when adults become passionate fans of your music, their children don't fall far behind. They love wearing merchandise that demonstrates their connection with their favourite band. That's why if your typical fan has kids, you can expand your merchandise offerings to include clothing for children and toddlers. Think t-shirts and baby bodysuits with your logo eagerly worn by tiny fans. Not only could this make more money through increased sales, but also be an excellent way to create powerful loyalty amongst entire families. What better way to build a positive emotional connection with people than by ensuring they share enthusiasm across generations?

If you're looking for an edge in your merchandising strategy, start by getting to know your ideal fan. Knowing who that person is can give you invaluable insight into their lifestyle and preferences, helping you create merchandise with them in mind. Having more options for your audience can be a great way of generating more interest in what you offer. With a little creativity, you can find even more ways to market your music and make some extra cash flow. So if you are looking for merchandise that stands out from the rest and need to restock the shelves quickly and with top-quality products, contact us today to and let's make a plan together.